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Abbotsbury residents might need to relocate their gas meters for several reasons:

  • Property upgrades requiring meter relocation for better access or safety
  • The current meter box location interferes with new driveway, entrance, or landscaping designs
  • Improving access to gas equipment for Priority Services Register compliance

Relocating your meter requires liaising with the licensed energy supplier in Abbotsbury.

Engage early with your gas company to understand relocation requirements, approvals, and timelines.

Safety Considerations for Gas Meter Relocation

If you smell gas while planning to move your meter, address it immediately due to risks of fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide poisoning. You’ll need to contact your qualified gas professionals for any related work.

A licensed provider or certified technician must safely shut off the gas supply before relocating the meter.

The gas meter move requires safe capping of pipes and disconnection of the old meter box, tasks best left to skilled technicians. The meter can only be relocated after the area is confirmed to be gas-free and safe.

When reconnecting the gas, having a plumber perform comprehensive safety inspections and leak detection is critical. Thoroughly examining gas appliances, flues, and vents is part of this process.

Consult a gas engineer to guarantee compliance with safety protocols and industry best practices.

The Permit and Paperwork Required

Before relocating your gas equipment in Abbotsbury, submit an application with your details to the authorised gas provider. This process allows them to evaluate the building work required for the relocation and the new position of your meter.

To determine the costs of relocating your gas meter, essential paperwork includes:

  • Site plan: A detailed plan illustrating where your current meter is located and the proposed new gas meter box placement
  • Owner consent form: Securing permission from the owner, potentially your own self, to relocate the metre
  • Application form: Provides details like contact information, requested move date, reason for relocation, and acceptance of terms

Your natural gas supplier will review your application and answer the question of how much the associated costs will be, after which you need to uphold your new commitments, moving forward liaising with the local network operator to confirm requirements, timeframes, and needed approvals. Standard procedure to relocate your electricity gas meter extends across approximately 4-6 weeks from application to project culmination.

Bear in mind, the extent to which your intended meter can influence a building’s aesthetics may necessitate you contact your local council for planning permission, a detail your energy supplier can confirm. Your gas supplier can advise if this applies.

Safety certificates are also required once the project’s finished to legally reconnect your gas supply. Your gas technician will take care of this documentation.

Working With Your Gas Supplier and Hiring a Professional

The licensed gas supplier in Abbotsbury can move your meter, demonstrating expertise in safe and compliant relocations.

Licensed gas fitters from Abbotsbury Plumbing skillfully disconnect meters, cap pipes, conduct leak checks, and provide all compliance documentation post-installation.

For a seamless meter relocation experience, reach out to Abbotsbury Plumbing at 1300 349 338 or email jobs@abbotsburyplumbingservices.com.au to arrange a site visit and obtain a fixed quote.

Estimating the Costs of Moving Your Gas Meter

Several expenses factor into relocating your gas meter in Abbotsbury:

  • Application fees: Gas suppliers may waive the administration fee, typically over $100, for processing the relocation request
  • Permits: Council planning permits may incur fees of $300-500 if necessary
  • Labour: Qualified gas meter gas service technicians generally levy $150+ per hour for disconnections, new installation and thorough testing
  • Materials: Any new pipes, fittings or metre box equipment will be extra
  • Service charges: Your network operator could impose fixed fees of $500+ for facilitating service alterations

The cost of moving a gas meter in Abbotsbury typically ranges from $1000 to $2000+, varying with the project’s complexity. Your gas supplier can give you fixed quotes after a thorough site and metre accessibility assessment.

Abbotsbury Plumbing provides free on-site consultations for precise cost estimates to earn your trust. Call us at 1300 349 338.

Step-by-Step Process for Relocating a Gas Meter

Enhancing your property by relocating a meter is a task we entrust to experienced professionals; it entails careful planning and coordination in the Abbotsbury region. Here is an overview of the key steps when you need move:

  1. It is necessary to engage with your gas supplier to submit a relocation application, providing specifics such as why you need the meters moved, proposed new location, site plans, and timeline expectations.
  2. Your energy provider will evaluate the practicality of the move and liaise with the gas transporter on the necessary stipulations.
  3. Once approved by your gas retailer, there’s the option to upgrade to a new meter, possibly a smart meter, and you can turn your gas supply off, which will be disconnected by a certified technician on the arranged date for your setup.
  4. The gas professional will assess whether the meter needs to be removed, seal the service line, conduct safety checks to ensure the area is gas-free, and then dismantle the meter box and old pipes.
  5. For new connections, how far the fresh pipes can be installed to welcome the new gas meter from the main supply line to the proposed meter site is assessed, should the relocation necessitate such changes.
  6. The gas technician mounts the new gas meter box and secures the Gas meter, along with the required valves and fittings, at the designated location.
  7. Ensure comprehensive testing and inspections are completed before the network operator reinstates your service, which may include upgrading to smart meters.
  8. Your appliances will be relit, further leak checks carried out, and flues examined to ensure correct, safe functioning.
  9. Relevant compliance certificates are lodged to approve reconnection by authorities.

Typically, relocating your gas meter takes 4-6 weeks from application submission to the restoration of gas supply. We advise using a licenced technician like Abbotsbury Plumbing throughout for guaranteed safety.

Meeting Regulations and Getting Final Approval

When relocating a gas metre in the Abbotsbury area, it’s crucial the job meets all relevant Australian standards and regulations. This can help ensure safe and compliant gas connections.

Your gas supplier and technician will oversee the approvals process, which includes key actions such as:

  • Filing paperwork like safety certificates, pressure test results and notices of completion to authorities
  • Arranging final assessments by a licenced third-party gas inspector
  • Rectifying any identified faults or issues until the installation passes inspections
  • Providing council approval if the relocation impacted building aesthetics

Once the gas inspector formally approves the new metre location and connections, your gas supplier can complete their administration and officially close out the job.

This final green light means normal gas supply, billing and services all resume as usual.

To ensure efficient finalizations and approvals during your meter move in Abbotsbury, you can rely on Abbotsbury Plumbing. Get in touch at 1300 349 338.

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