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Understanding Blocked Drains: Causes and Prevention

Blocked drains commonly interfere with the smooth running of homes and businesses. Understanding the root causes and adopting effective preventative strategies can help avoid costly blockages and further plumbing issues.

  • Food scraps and cooking oil - Fats, oils, and food particles washed down the drain accumulate over time, leading to blockages.
  • Hair - showers and kitchen sinks often trap hair.
  • Tree roots - Roots gravitating towards your pipes seeking water can grow within boundaries and obstruct drains.
  • Toiletries - Soap scum, shampoo residue, and other toiletries can cause gradual drain clogs if allowed to accumulate.

It’s essential to utilise proper preventive methods. Installing drain screens, properly disposing of fats and oils, using drain cleaners regularly, and seeking an annual hydro jet cleaning from professionals are effective measures to reduce the risk of blockages in your plumbing system.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your plumbing system free from obstructions. If preventative measures are unsuccessful, it’s advisable to seek professional help for severe or recurring blockages.

Recognizing Blocked Drain Warning Signs

Detecting the signs of a blocked drain early is crucial to avoid extensive damage or backups. Be alert to these common indications of a blocked drain:

  • Slow drainage indicates that partial blockages are trapping debris in your pipes.
  • Gurgling noises are a sign that air and water are struggling to bypass a severe blockage.
  • Foul sewer odours emanating from your drains suggest a buildup of waste, permitting gases to escape.
  • Overflowing sinks and tubs accompanied by stagnant water around drains typically indicate a complete blockage in the pipe.
  • Raw sewage backflow from floor drains or toilets can be a clear sign of a main sewer line clog.

Upon detecting a clog, you might wonder what to do next. Initiating the unclogging process with a plunger or drain snake is recommended. If DIY efforts fail, call a professional to prevent the issue from worsening into a much larger and costly problem.

Taking Immediate Action for Minor Blockages

Quickly addressing minor drain blockages can restore smooth water flow before the situation worsens. Follow this step-by-step process when facing sluggish drainage:

  1. Use a plunger by sealing it over your drain opening and plunging forcefully 10-15 times to loosen the clog.
  2. Pour approximately two litres of boiling water down the drain to dissolve grease and fats. After a short interval, flush with cold water to clear the residue.
  3. Following a dose of baking soda in the drain, use a drain snake to navigate 15-30 centimetres into the pipe. Rotate the handle while moving it to dislodge and remove the blockage.
your house, contacting a professional is advised; recurring or extensive blockages often need machine jetting, pipe inspection, and skilled repairs.

Knowing When To Call A Professional Plumber

While minor clogs may be managed through basic at-home solutions, Certain scenarios undoubtedly warrant the expertise a professional brings to your plumbing concerns:

  • Sewer mainline issues - Attempting to clears blockages in central sewer lines connecting your property risks further damage and health hazards from raw sewage exposure.
  • Drain line backups - Concurrent blockage symptoms across plumbing fixtures may indicate a gas obstruction in a main line, which is beyond DIY repair.
  • Poor pipe condition - Repeated blockages, or very slow flow of water drainage, may be due to deteriorating pipes requiring repair or replacement.
  • Gas leaks - The scent of rotten eggs alongside drain issues could signal dangerous gas line corrosion requiring professional diagnosis.
  • AC pipe condensation - Cool condensation buildup from aircon pipes entering sewer lines causes swelling and clogs needing expert mitigation.

In Sydney, our emergency plumbing team at Abbotsbury Plumbing arrives within the hour with equipment like high-pressure jetters and drain cameras for sophisticated clog location and clearing. Our expertise assessing issues and implementing long-term solutions can help prevent recurrence and further plumbing damage.

If basic efforts prove unsuccessful, contact our team immediately via email, online booking, or call 1300 349 338. It’s important to respond promptly to avoid flooding, property damage, and other extensive problems.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

Abbotsbury Plumbing provides a comprehensive suite of swift and reliable emergency plumbing services available 24/7.

Blocked Drain and Sewer Repairs

We utilise high-powered water jet drain cleaning and cutting-edge CCTV pipe inspection to locate and clear all types of drain obstructions. Our team repairs broken or collapsed drains, tackles sewer main clogs, and offers full reconstruction for irreparably damaged drains.

Water Leak Detection and Repair

From minor drips and leaks to major pipe bursts, our technicians pinpoint the source of leaks and can make all necessary repairs, including pipe patching/replacement. We also expertly diagnose slab and wall leaks that may involve water and gas mixtures.

Gas Leaks and Gas Fitting

Our licenced gas fitters also install and repair gas hot water systems, conducting thorough leak checks and repairs for natural gas and LPG systems. We specialise in installing new gas appliances, as well as maintaining and certifying existing ones.

Why Choose Our Emergency Plumbers?

  • Highly trained and fully certified technicians
  • Available 24/7 for rapid response
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment for precise issue identification
  • Permanent and effective solutions, not quick fixes
  • Upfront pricing and financing options

Act quickly with plumbing issues—water damage and gas leaks can rapidly deteriorate. Contact our emergency plumbing team immediately by calling 1300 349 338, emailing jobs@abbotsburyplumbingservices.com.au, or booking online.

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